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Emo Tidy towns held their A.G.M. on 19th March at 8p.m. in the Old School community centre.
Welcome to our newly opened restaurant in the centre of the village with best wishes to all involved.
We wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2017  looking forward to a busy year ahead and hopefully many new volunteers coming on board.
Tidy towns National competition is on going during June July August with judging starting on June 8th.2017
Good luck to all involved in keeping our village looking so well.
Help combat the destructive Chalara ash die back disease. This fungus causes leaf loss and can kill young ash trees in one growing season. Log onto www.ashtag.org/sightings/submit”>www.ashtag.org/sightings/submit and report on the perceived [good ] health of any ash tree in your area over the next couple of years. Reports from Denmark say about 1% of all trees are disease tolerant. Identification of tolerant trees is vital to ash survival and it can vary from area to area.
Laois clean up week 20-24th April 2016
Competition starts in June it will be all hands on deck in early Spring.
Please recycle at our bring bank situated to the rear of the Gate Lodge in the village.
We recycled 40.2tons of glass all colours and 2.01tons of cans in 2015.
Well done to all and keep up the good work.
We received a special biodiversity award from Laois Co. Co.in October 2016.Well done to all who worked so hard to achieve this award. In the 2016 National Competition we gained 3 extra marks.

Emo Tidy towns are due a delivery of bigger recycling bins as our present glass recycling bins are regularly overflowing before weekly collection. Our village pump area is undergoing a badly needed facelift.

Eamon our environment officer is working hard to develop our wildflower garden.It will take a couple of years to establish and look its best as we are saving local seeds which is  a slow process waiting for the seeds to germinate and then transplant them to their most  suitable position.

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